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Open Calls: Mapping Festival 2023

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

The Mapping Festival, which has always been committed to highlighting art and technology, is once again questioning the place of new technologies in our society. Between utopia and dystopia, each of us finds our own position.

They invite each person interested in the calls of this 2023 edition to submit their projects. All three are different in content as well as in the mediums used, but they remain linked by the Mapping Festival's desire to offer different perspectives on new technologies, utopian or dystopian, but always reflective.

Open call 1 - Le Commun

Recent news unequivocally recalls the central place of information and communication technologies (ICT), but also the importance of net-activism and the artistic world, to protect our freedoms and think about social and ecological imperatives.

Open call 2 - Lowtech

The Mapping Festival, always committed to highlighting art and technology, is once again questioning the place of new technologies in our society characterized by irreversible changes, including climate change.

How to continue to create technological arts in this period where the energy and climate crises encourage more sobriety, and profound changes in our behavior? The 2023 edition of the Mapping Festival will be partly dedicated to low-tech technological art. Low-tech" is the opposite of "high-tech" and aims at creating simple, sustainable, recyclable, easily understandable and locally designed technological arts with few materials.

They are looking for artistic and unusual projects that fit into this low-tech philosophy. Zany projects with no other purpose than to open a reflection on this low-tech challenge.

Workshop, installations or performances, the artistic approach is essential. It can be, for example, projects that invite the public to create low-tech and offbeat artistic works on site. We are also open to techno-critical works, even if they don't entirely respect the low-tech specifications.

Open call 3 - Syllepse

Syllepse is a 22 meters diameter tank installed in the Jardin des Nations in Geneva. It is equipped with 24 video projectors on its curved walls and ceiling, which allow a 360° projection for a resolution of 15'000 X 2000 pixels. The tank is also equipped with a 32-speaker ambisonic system that further enhances the spectacular experience.

This immersive environment allows the creation and the diffusion of new works, the Mapping Festival proposes to digital artists, choreographers, or video artists for example, to occupy this tank and to take advantage of this impressive device.

The selected projects will be eligible, in addition to the exhibition of their project for the 2023 edition of the Mapping Festival, to participate in a research and creation residency including a grant, access to audiovisual equipment and an outside view during the creation.
You are invited to realize projects in the Syllepse tank around your own issues, keeping in mind the themes of the Mapping Festival 2023: the antagonism caused by technology, between dystopia and utopia each one of you takes a position.

Deadline: 10.12.2022

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