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Open Call: Altered images 2022

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Altered images is an space for experimental film, art performances, video installations and live music. The aim of the festival is to showcase silent movies or sound movies that are open to a sound reinterpretation. Their showcase is opened to artists whose work has an experimental and innovative character.

The goal of the showcase is to create events of live music, projections, perfomances and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed, inclusive and friendly environment.

For the third edition of Altered Images scheduled to take place on October 21st -22nd and festival is looking for a varied
range of artists and proposals:

We are looking for musicians to play in the third edition of Altered Images Film and Music Fest .
We have slots of approximately 20 minutes. The aim of the festival is to showcase films opened to a sound
reinterpretation. We will give you a selection of films and you will make new music for it. We have a preference for
experimental and risky music, of any genre.

We are inviting performers who want to participate in our festival in an immersive way, creating an exclusive performance
for the festival, always in relation to image and sound. The performance can be between 20-40 minutes, based on the film
selection of the festival.

Art Installation:
We are looking for artists who want to exhibit their own original work installation at our festival. We will have a dedicated
space in the venue, where it will be exhibited on the day of the festival. We are looking for installations related to digital,
media and audiovisual arts in general. We want to hear your proposal, assessing the feasibility of the project, the quality
and affinity with our event .

Bring us a great idea and we will help you produce it!
*There is also a chance to do a multiple collaboration between a film, a musician and an installation.

This is an independent project and therefore, low budget, but it is still a paid gig.
The event is London based and therefore we are looking for artists based in London or with an easy commute, as we will not be able to provide travel or accommodation costs.

Deadline: 15.08.2022

Info and application form: